I became a magistrate in 2004 and sat on the bench of my local magistrates court. I left, beaten and sick to my stomach, five years later. During many sitting I took notes, documenting what I saw as the idiocy which is 96% of our national justice system. This BLOG will document my time as a magistrate, based on my contemporaneous notes, correspondences and my recollections.

I would like to fix our justice system, but unless someone puts me in charge (unlikely, I’m… not good in groups), that’s not going to happen, and anyway, I’m afraid my cynicism about our Institutions is very deep – I don’t think our institutions WANT to be fixed – they want to continue taking our tax pounds un-altered.

But I’m not quite ready to roll over and die. So here’s my BLOG.

Please, DO get mad with what you hear, but try to get even too. Make a fuss. If you support my views, please use your own BLOG, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social networks to publicise this BLOG. If you want to go further, becomes a member of Let’s Fix Britian – and they’ll tell you what more you can do.


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